Episode 3: Team CULTURE: Who Makes it and Who Breaks It?

One of the most important focal points in sports is creating a ‘high-performance culture’ based on trust and accountability. This kind of culture helps everyone to be their best, perform at a high-level more consistently and dispels insecure, toxic competition amongst teammates. But this doesn’t happen by accident. It only happens when we are clear about who we are or want to be and then what kind of culture we are going to establish. Trust is paramount. “Trust-based teams outperform non-trust-based teams by 286%,” according to The Leadership Challenge.But how can you build this kind of environment? You have to be clear on your values as a coach first and then create team values while creating a safe space. A coach must be clear about how the team will handle things like making mistakes, losing games, and empowering players to ask for help when struggling. For players, they are responsible to cultivate their personal values and understand how to have a healthy ego and mindset. If you aren’t clear on your values as an athlete, you don’t know who you are. But for this podcast on culture, we will see how the environment is largely determined by the club and head coach and it overflows from there. Larry also shares about the worst team he has ever been on as a professional player and some incredible, overcoming stories in his coaching career. Email Dr. Tom at tom@leaderselevate.com for the pdf on how to create an environment of trust and dynamic principles to cultivate a high-performance team culture.